What is RTLS

RTLS or real time location system is a complex system that allows you to track objects within certain range in real time. Our rtls provides better accuracy, higher update rate and works inside as well as outside, where standart GPS sygnal simply won't get. In general it also requires a bit more preparation so system can accuratly locate tagged objects. TOPOrtls system works with UWB technology that allows to archive top accuracy and stay under space shuttle price bar. Last but not least, real time location system requires to install tags and achnors within the area where systems has to operate.


System Applications

RTLS application possibilities is nearly unlimited. It can be used in small businesses to track employees performance as well as in huge factories to track expensive equipment and tools.


In order to help you grow your business, our carefully selected experts can customize our solutions to fit your exact needs.

New RTLS installation
TOPOrtls offers complete installation services of predesigned systems for our clients. We provide software and documentation so you can use the system without any issue.
Custom system development
We also offer development services of completely new system based on our technology. We can create new software to suit needs of our clients and fine tune entire system.
Training and RTLS education
TOPOrtls provides trainings for staff. It is extremely important to educate and make sure that people know how system works in order to benefit from it. Training is included in new system installation as a part of a package.

Latest News

If you are interested in the latest articles in the industry, take a sneak peek at our blog. You’ve got nothing to loose!

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Indoor navigation for UAV Drones

Recently we’ve been working on TopoRTLS integration with UAV drones. Idea is quite simple – to spoof GPS signal with signal from our system. Recently, we had successful tests with Pixhawk and APM controllers. Update rate of our system can go up to 50Hz which both controllers are capable to digest. Average achieved accuracy is […]

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Indoor positioning and indoor navigation conference IPIN 2016 summary

  Another 7th IPIN conference took place in Alcala de Hernandes, Spain. This year, one additional track competition was added to entire conference. Previously existing tracks were developed for smartphone positioning, existing data post analysis and IMU only sensors positioning. We cannot mention here a result from South Korea participant, that was able to archive […]

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Indoor and outdoor positioning system. Robots of an hour ago.

Nowadays technology makes a 40 miles step forward every time you blink. What is a world of tomorrow? Obviously – semi-robotic one. Star Treck might make you think that all these technologies are far away, but they’re not. It seems like in about 50 years by the time a new Sci-Fi movie gets to the theater, […]

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