RTLS application options – Part One

In general RTLS(real time location system) is used in cases where more accurate or more frequent update rate tracking is required. There are millions of niches where RTLS system can be used. Let’s review few of RTLS application options here:

Factory RTLS systems    Factories and warehouses.

  • RTLS helps to track expensive tools at factories
  • RTLS allows to track items withing the warehouses
  • Increases speed of objects-machine-people interactions
  • Better digital picture of items within the building

firefighter-rtls      First respond

  • With RTLS firefighters can get close position within the building of each member
  • K9 units of 3+ members can use tags to track their dogs during the operations
  • SWAT teams can track location of their crew during a mission
  • Rescue teams can use tags to make sure they will be able to find way out of the building

Office-rtls      Offices

  • Track expensive hardware and equipment
  • Track employees to archive better productivity
  • Improve customer service
  • Remove dead spots that are not used by employees or customers

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