Indoor and outdoor positioning system. Robots of an hour ago.

Nowadays technology makes a 40 miles step forward every time you blink. What is a world of tomorrow? Obviously – semi-robotic one. Star Treck might make you think that all these technologies are far away, but they’re not. It seems like in about 50 years by the time a new Sci-Fi movie gets to the theater, it’s already an outdated and boring.

Look at your house – smart AC, smart TV, smart phone, smart trash can, smart vacuum cleaner, smart house. If we pull the cover up, we realize that they’re not smart – they’re just robots that have a lot of capabilities to make your life better(or somewhat better). More sophisticated they are – more useful they are.

We want to offer these robots more usefulness, by allowing them to track their position both indoors and outdoors, as long as TopoRTLS system is installed indoors. We came up with auto-switchable navigation module, that allows a robot to use GPS/GLONASS whenever it has 6+ satellites or TopoRTLS systems once it has 3 anchors in the range of signal.

This would allow a delivery bot to get right to your office door, robot loading truck to drive from one warehouse to another without having issue getting outdoors between the runs, security bots to watch indoor and outdoor perimeter of your building, drone to fly outside for exploratory purposes and then get back indoors to recharge and report the data.

All this becomes available today, with our new GPS/TopoRTLS/GLONASS navigation system. Welcome to a world of an hour ago.


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