Indoor positioning and indoor navigation conference IPIN 2016 summary


IPIN 2016 RTLS Conference
IPIN 2016 RTLS Conference

Another 7th IPIN conference took place in Alcala de Hernandes, Spain. This year, one additional track competition was added to entire conference. Previously existing tracks were developed for smartphone positioning, existing data post analysis and IMU only sensors positioning. We cannot mention here a result from South Korea participant, that was able to archive average accuracy of 1.5m using ONLY IMU sensors. Outstanding result indeed. System was based on 2 modules, one was located at the shoe, right above laces. Second unit was fastened to a belt of participant. Overall distance of a track was over 500 meters, with first, second and third floor transitions.

As for new track, 4th one, this track was developed for any other types of custom systems: UWB, Ultra Sound and even lasers. The Asti mobile robot was used to repeat an exact track for competitors. Our crew from TopoRTLS participated at the event despite a really huge competition, got second place with our wireless ToA system. Average accuracy of track was around 31cm. Overall we expected to get 5 to 10 cm accuracy, but because of unexpected surprises, a worse result was archived. This proofs that different environments create different impacts on system performance. This year we used our new self positioning technology at the competition TPM. It allows system to determine location of each anchor based on 3 initiated at the beginning. So no matter how many anchors you have, 5, 50 or 250, system still calculates position of all of them based on first 3.

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