Indoor navigation for UAV Drones

Recently we’ve been working on TopoRTLS integration with UAV drones. Idea is quite simple – to spoof GPS signal with signal from our system. Recently, we had successful tests with Pixhawk and APM controllers. Update rate of our system can go up to 50Hz which both controllers are capable to digest. Average achieved accuracy is 22cm.

Drones were tested in position control and mission flight modes. Some signal interferences were noticed at the areas which were filled with metal – mostly huge metal bins inside the commercial buildings. Affected zone areas had around 1-2 meters radius of influence.

Perfect case scenario allows positioning of approximately 5cm accuracy, all data is passed through GPS port. All data is calculated at the server that has TopoRTLS system connected. There is a delay at controller of 1 tick, which is 0.02 second in case of 50Hz update rate and 0.01 sec in case of 10Hz update rate. Multiple drones can be operated at the same time with this system. Our biggest experiment so far was with 5 drones flying simultaneously using our system. With this number of UAVs, 10Hz update rate was used, using ToA positioning method.

What is this all mean?

Drones with this positioning system can be used for surveillance, delivery and monitoring purposes. Combining with GPS, drones like this can fly in and out of indoor warehouses, postal offices and to ensure security of important areas. Automation of battery charge/switch would be helpful to achieve complete autonomy of the operations.

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