RTLS system we offer consist of two key products – anchors and tags. Anchors are used to “digitize” a surrounding area. Tag shows location of its carrier by communicating to anchors. All data than transmitted throw one anchor to a PC or server.

Depending on application, TopoRTLS tags and anchors are boxed differently. Here are the most commonly used options:

1) TPM-ST. Small and mobile.
Wrist wearable tag is designed to provide the most comfortable usage. It weights same as average hand watch, powered by 600mAh button battery which allows it to run for couple weeks on one charge with 1Hz update rate. Wristband comes with basic IMU units, emergency button and rubber or cloth band. 
2) TPM-MT. Bigger and more powerful.
Bigger wearable tag allows system to operate on higher speed – up to 50Hz update rate per tag is used to collect data. More powerful microprocessor and bigger battery let system to run faster for up to 8 hours on single charge on max update rate. Device is designed to be used in athletics, hence doesn’t have any buttons on it. At the same time device can be used in other applications with lower update rate. Battery life is increased in a proportion of update rate reduction.

3) TPM-XT. Extra big.
Extra large tag device is designed for a large scale installations and heavy machinery positioning. These tags are featured with long range antennas and extra powerful batteries. These tags can operate for years with adjustable update rate from all the way to 20Hz to as low as once per minute update rate.

All these tags have smart battery consumption system that allows them to save energy when tracked object is not moving. Life cycle on a single charge can be calculated for each specifica application per request.


Our base anchors have the same shape as extra big tag. The only visual difference – they have Ethernet port for TDoA system setup. At TopoRTLS we try to avoid leaving footprint so we unite out anchors with common objects to safe space and create better look. Here we have presented couple concepts of anchor systems:

1) LED light wall mount
A wall LED light mount has pre-installed anchor that allows system to track objects around it. All unit needs is outside power source

2) Power outlet extension
Unit has 3 extra power plugs, 2 USB plugs and features with anchor system that also tracks objects around it.

These systems were both tested and approved by our team. The only downgrade both have – accuracy is reduced to 1m. Metal and electricity affects UWB signal in a bad way and since both units have voltage passing by them, they have tendency to distort an actual data. In addition to that, only ToA system can be used with these units.