There are millions of applications for RTLS. At TOPOrtls, our main target is to develop a system with specific parameters:

* Extremely high update rate
* Huge numbers of tags

So far we were able to build up 8 anchors, 50 tags systems with 1000Hz updare rate. That means that each tag can get its position 20 times per second. System is based on UWB TDOA technology with accuracy of 10cm in case of LOS. It can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

Sport application – soccer tracking, tennis tracking.

Positioning system

There are few ways how RTLS can be used in sports:

  • With RTLS you can very accurately track athletes performance. How far do they run, where on the field they perform better. Where are their blind spots, what distance they travel during the game and etc.
  • Using drones and RTLS you can film a video from a better angle.



Anothem major implementation niche is construction tracking.Mines-rtls-positioning-safety-system

  •  Real time location system can help locating employees in mines in case of emergency
  • Expensive equipment can be tracked during construction to prevent theft and increase efficiency
  • Crane operators can get a better image of objects down on the ground
  • Employees movement data can be analized and help to archive better performance



TOPOrtls also develops first repsond units positioning system, where it makes complicated to install anchors along the path of movement. In this scenario, only three anchors are installed, two on operating vehicle(firetruck, SWAT truck) and additon anchor is set up couple meters away from a car.


System also allows to track people equiped with our tags.

Operator can track in real time position of every crew member inside the building in relation to ground units. Coordinates are calculated based on a fact that one of the ground station units is located in the beggining of coordinate system, hence everybody else position is compared to truck location.