Assets Tracking

Asset tracking becomes more and more important in WEB 2.0 society.

What are nowadays assets? Well,

  • Employees
  • Merchandise
  • Robots
  • Animals
  • Clients

There are different ways to track movement – cameras can scan and recognize some people or signs or tracking hardware equipment attached to an object would translate its location to computer.

Each of them suits for a specific need, but all serve several important needs:

  • Track valuable merchandise,
  • Speed up load/unload process,
  • Navigate robots,
  • Navigate people,
  • Learn patterns,
  • Help locating important equipment,
  • Analyze athletes performance

TopoRTLS asset tracking system can help hospitals, offices, retail stores, transportation companies and others to improve day-to-day performance and be better at their trades. Contact us today to find how we together can improve your business processes.

Future is here, today!