Real time location systems can be used in construction to track people or equipment movement.Mines-rtls-positioning-safety-system

In case of people movement we have few different implementations. One of them is first respond use. There are a lot of dangerous
construction businesses like mines that require people to go into the tonnels that possibly can collapse. RTLS system can help in these cases to determine where approximately people got stuck, so rescue team can get to them right away. Accuracy in case of landfill collapse can drops to approximately 5 meters(math projection, actual experiment has not been done yet) which is still acceptable for rescue operations.

Another reason to track people is to make sure that certain areas are people free in case of lockdowns or shutdowns. Crane operators can track ground movements to make sure they won’t hit other objects or employees. Accurate positioning system allows crane operators to navigate more efficiently.

General contractor can also track expensive equipment and tools to make sure nothing is lost or stolen. It also helps to locate important objects faster.