First respond positioning system

In case of emergencies, it’s very important to send first respond units as soon as possible to prevent people casuelties and losses. Ability tFirst-respond-real-time-location-systemo react in seconds is vital and can help to save a lot of lives. In addition to that first respond units have to be granted with as safe enviroment as possible. Every possible potential issue should be taken in consideration so all possible risks can be lowered as maximum as possible. At TOPOrtls we’re working on helping cituations like that.

Our real time location system allows these people to track each other inside of the buildings. Each person has to be equiped with a tag that constantly communicates with other team members inside the building. All these tags also contact with outside ground station that provides all the information to units about each member location inside the building.

Accuracy of this system varies around two meters, which is acceptable measurement for locating a person inside the building. Accuracy depends on several factors:

  • Number of members with tags inside or near the building
  • Distance between team members
  • Thickness and material of the walls
  • Density of the walls

All these factors affect calculations, since all the data depends on tags interactions with each other. More data means that location data would be more precise and accurate. TOPOrtls system is based on radio waves that also affected by obstacles on a way of signal path, hence walls create addition interference.

Our system would allow an operator to track position of every person inside the building in relation to ground station which can be a firtruck with additional small ground unit(lightweight, tripod). Coordinates are translated in x;y;z system to operator and can be translated back to a men inside the building.