Sport tracking system

Soccer tracking systems are widely used to archive better athletes performance. With tracking deviced trainers can analyze players speed, tactical issues, game activity, efficiency, blind spots and etc.

TOPOrtls has a custom solution for this type of tracking application. We’ve developed the lightest(under 100 gramms) and smallest tracking device(only 4*4*0,5 cm big), a tag,  that can fit as an armband, wristband or be part of a glove. Each athlete has to wear one device and that would be enough to collect the data.

Field has to be modified a bit with other tracking devices – anchors. They need to be located on the perimeter of the field before the game start. Achnors are also very small, twice the size of a tag and can be installed on a tripod for better tracking. It takes about 5 minutes to set up all the achors. Once they’re set, you can collect your data on server computer within no time. Each tag and anchor has a battery pack that allows them to operate cordless and requires minimum maintance.

football-tracking-location-positioning-system Tracking data can be used to analyze which part of the field is more often used by a player. Graphics is used to get better representation of the movements. In addition to that numbers would show such data as average speed, top speed, motionless time and etc. Combining data from different players would show how players interfere one with each other.

This type of a system has 10cm accuracy with update rate of 2-5Hz per tag, which means that each player position is broadcasted 2 or 5 times per second. So far this system ouperfroms GPS trackers by accuracy(GPS has 2 meters accuracy) and by update rate(GPS has update rate of 1 time per second or 1Hz).

In July of 2015, FIFA association has allowed usage of tracking devices during the matches, but applied few restriction on how this data can be used. Now you have an opportunity to get better data right from the game.


Tracking devices has to be attached to each player. We develop two different ways to archive that – as a arm band or as a attachment to a t-shirt. Arm bands come in two variations – hard attachment TBH or flexible TBF attachment. Hard attachment has more sensors like pulsometer and flexible has only location and inertial systems. In other hand tshirt attachment is a flat 4×4 cm, 5mm thick pad that comes attached to a tshirt or can be attached to shirt separately.

Our base package comes with 8 anchors, 15 tags and standart tracking software. Optionally we offer 15 more tags to track additional players. In case with 30 tags, no other modifications required to operate the system. In addition to that, we custom adjust software for each project based on requirements of the project. Every coach is different and different goals are pursued by the team. Contact us today to request our free consulation.