New RTLS system installation

 TOPOrtls offers complete installation services of predesigned systems for our clients. We provide software and documentation so you can use the system without any issue. Our predesigned system can be installed outdoors as well as indoors. GUI helps to track location of the object in real time. Tags can also be connected via UART or USB ports. There are wireless and wired system available, choice depends on application, sometimes it makes more sense to use wired in certain situations.

Custom system development

 We also offer development services of completely new system based on our technology. We can create new software to suit needs of our clients and fine tune entire system. Every implementation is different and sometimes power consumption can be sacrificed to archive better update rate. In other cases we would do everything to extend battery life so it can run on a single charge for years. There are unlimited options of combinations and features that can be added for example the one we’re currently working on – combining our RTLS with GPS modules. It would allow objects to easily switch between indoor navigation and outdoor GPS without data issue.

Trainting and RTLS education

TOPOrtls provides trainings for staff. It is extremely important to educate and make sure that people know how system works in order to benefit from it. Training is included in new system installation as a part of a package.